InputStick - Wireless USB Receiver

Turn your iOS or Android device into wireless USB keyboard & mouse

Important notice for Android users:

If Google Play says that your device is not compatible with USB Remote / KP2A plugin, use .apk file. Click here to download .apk Google Play versions will be updated shortly

Easy to use

Download mobile apps and perform quick configuration, this takes just a few minutes

Plug and play

Plug InputStick into USB port and in few seconds it's ready to work, no need to install any drivers


Device can be password-protected, supports AES-128 encryption



Free Android apps (remote control, macros, real-time dictation, password managers)


Free iOS apps (remote control, macros, real-time dictation)


Use InputStick in your own Android/iOS application


InputStick is a wireless USB receiver, that turns your Android or iOS device into wireless USB keyboard and mouse. It allows to send keyboard and mouse actions directly to your PC (or any other USB host). The PC will not notice any difference between InputStick and "real" USB keyboard. You can use InputStick to remotely control PCs, type passwords or use it in your own application.

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